Galaxies in Her Eyes

The first opera conceived for a planetarium. Premiered at Highpoint University in 2022. Story by Amy Punt and Kristine McIntyre. Book by Amy Punt. Music by Mark Lanz Weiser. Directed by Kristine McIntyre.

This is the first opera conceived for planetariums, focusing on STEM and chronicling the accomplishments of famous women scientists and their groundbreaking discoveries. This will be the first time that the Culp Planetarium on HPU’s campus has hosted a performing arts production featuring professional singers and musicians.

The opera tells the story of a young girl who dreams of going to the stars. She weaves together the stories of astronomical pioneers Annie Jump Cannon, Katherine Johnson and Ada Lovelace, whose work helps make that journey possible. Across time and space, she discovers a sisterhood of science which is defined by collaboration, perseverance, a fascination with the unknown and the importance of doing your math homework.(Post first published on the HPU website.)

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