The Place Where You Started 

Music by Mark Lanz Weiser

Libretto by Amy S. Punt

The Place Where You Started pairs soaring vocal stylings and multi-media projections to explore a unique relationship that crosses economic divides to unite a woman in crisis and a gardener with a ruinous past. It culminates in an ending that showcases the devastating effects of our broken immigration system.


A Cactus Named Tom

This is a poem I wrote for the opera, The Place Where You Started. It was projected onto the walls during Meredith’s aria. In it she sings of how she has found renewal in the garden, with her friend the gardener Macario, as her guide. This is a sample from her journal.  The cacti grow slow … Continue reading A Cactus Named Tom

Our Broken Immigration System

Monday, November 14th,  Paul Mason, of the Guardian, wrote that the films that have topped the box office in recent years, superhero films and expensive cartoons, have been escapist and culturally blind. They’ve created an ever widening gap between average American viewers and liberal Hollywood elites.  His solution?  Hollywood must create films featuring modern themes and characters to articulate … Continue reading Our Broken Immigration System

The Place Where You Started Opera

In May of 2018 The Place Opera received its Los Angeles premier. Set in present day Los Angeles, the story follows Meredith, a frustrated screenwriter who meets Macario, an undocumented landscaper and gardener. They discover an unlikely kinship as they cultivate a garden together. But this friendship is misunderstood, leading to a rash decision with devastating … Continue reading The Place Where You Started Opera