It’s finally here. My husband and I have been writing all summer to complete this piece. Well, I have to be honest, he’s done the heavy lifting. That’s what it’s like in opera. I’ve been a playwright, but that’s very different. I’ve watched him slave in a way I’ve never seen an artist work. He held down two jobs at the University of Southern CA, and one at a church as the music director. In between he’s written music into the wee hours of the morning. Once he finished, not more than 2 weeks ago, I had my best friend back. I forgot how much he makes me laugh. Obviously, I’m very proud of him, and of this piece. I hope it will lead to more for both of us.
We leave, for Portland on voting day. I’m high strung. Waiting for the results to come in, at home, might finally be enough to push me over the edge. That overpass I keep threatening to jump from is too close to my house.
I have little hope for us as a nation. But, perhaps, with art, I can find solace. That’s why we create, yes? To understand ourselves, aspire to something more, remember our humanity. I think this piece does that. I’ll be posting the full libretto after opening night. And then the video. You can judge that for yourself.