AmyPunt-NEWAmy Punt is an, essayist, new opera librettist and screenwriter. Recently, she was commissioned for a new opera, Turbulent Mirror, with composer Celka OjakangasIt follows the story of three women in a gaming company as they compete for the same promotion. It premiers in Portland in the fall of 2019. Her first opera by composer Mark Lanz Weiser, The Place Where You Started, was first commissioned  by Portland State University and premiered in 2016 and went on for a run in Shanghai, China. It then received its Los Angeles debut in 2017. Both productions featured Stage Director, Kristine McIntyre’s visionary direction.  Punt’s writings have been spotlighted in publications like, and in literary journals and The Rathalla Review. She has appeared as a commentator on MSNBC. Originally from Chicago, Punt began her career writing and directing original plays for The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Bailiwick Repertory, and Strawdog Theater Ensemble. After receiving her Master of Directing for Cinema/ TV and Communication at Regent University, she moved to Los Angeles and began working at The Writers Boot Camp where she had the opportunity to develop scripts with Warner Brothers Animation and teach screenwriters professional development of their screenplays. Punt coaches professional screenwriters through her screenwriting development company at 




17 thoughts

  1. there is always that moment…you’re feeling clever, you’re finally getting words on paper, and then I reread it and hate it…HATE it. If I was doing it the old fashioned way, it would be the crumpling it up and throwing it in the corner stage. Luckily, I have yet to throw the lap top into the corner so I edit, edit and edit some more. Nice to know I’m not alone in the trenches

    1. Yes, very nice to know we’re not alone. And I know the feeling of wanting to crumple the computer up and throw it in the fire, abandoning all hope of a writing career. What am I thinking?

  2. I completely agree! After my first post I felt like I might as well have run naked through the streets! 🙂 But look at us now, overcoming that fear! I think we could be friends! 🙂

  3. I just read your post about your father and am choked up. I lost my father 30 years ago, but I can still picture him when he died. As you say, you instinctively know that they are no longer there, the person you knew has gone elsewhere. Thank you. It was a privilege to read.

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