The sun pushes the clouds up extending them way above my head
Pink light spreads like layers of
cotton candy across the sky.

I’m not angry with him
I don’t blame him
I don’t ever want to be near him again.

I want to be with him again.
I cannot see my life without him

My heart told me to wait
And then asked me if it had ever been wrong before.

No, it had been right before.
It told me to get away from him all along.

But now it’s changed its mind.

4 thoughts

  1. Hi dear Amy, I love this…and identify, from way back when, but the memory is still sharp, in all ways. The “It told me to get away from him all along” part, especially. ;-/ Fortunately, we can hum a happier tune now, yes? (I did not see your Part I by the way.) We’re looking forward to all the opera activity, and sending good thoughts about creative and resting time. xxxooo stephanie >

  2. Interesting….the heart can be very persuasive. Selfish even. It somehow manages to wash away all the bad memories, and convince the mind that the bs wasn’t really as you perceived it at all, – which in itself is bs because you know the mind doesn’t lie.

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