In 2006 I wrote this about a man I can’t believe I ever loved Part I

I woke to your voice clinging to my thoughts
a web of tangled conversations
shaken loose by the storm in my head.

You once told me I thought like a man
Not the thing you want to hear from a lover
But then, you’d have known that.

It’s my birthday today and I know you remember
I feel your thoughts upon my body so dense I can
barely lift myself from the bed.

But I do not call and I wonder if you will
Like I wonder this time each year.

I’m relieved when you don’t but
your absence is so near it’s like that first day
I woke and remembered you were gone.

I always knew we were made for heartbreak
You and I
It never stopped me from loving

Get up
Drive to work

But I have this sense I left my body back in bed.
I want to tell you that. You’d get it.

5 thoughts on “In 2006 I wrote this about a man I can’t believe I ever loved Part I

  1. Hey 🙂 I like this. A lot. I keep reading that second bit over and over, wondering if he had some sort of….I dunno….just to deliberately say you thought like a man, knowing it was a pretty nasty jibe……well it sounds a little unbalanced of him. And he felt threatened in some way. Hmmmm. (P.s how do I find you on twitter?)

    1. Thank you! Yes, you are exactly right. He was nasty and now that you point it out, both unbalanced and threatened. He frequently tried to make me feel bad, I think, in order to make me stay… And yes, twitter: @zeusismydad is my handle. Because, you know, Zeus is Wonder Woman’s father…So why not mine too?

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