Management Meeting

I found notes today from a meeting a long time ago:

Ask questions.
I’m responsible for their work.
Ask them what they are used to. Communicate what I am used to.
Ask, “Who else are you answering to?”
How often are we touching base? Set meetings.
Processes are important. Set process.
How do we get there? Cast a vision for how to get there.
Relationship is essential–foundational
Talk more during meetings, even if you don’t have anything to say. Make them believe you have something to say.

End of meeting.

Oh, I’m not even kidding.


How meetings make me feel. 

9 thoughts on “Management Meeting

  1. Hi!! How are you doing? Given the above post, probably “scunnered” (as we say in Scotland – it means pissed, haha!) Hope things have moved on a bit from when you found the note… least you don’t have meetings ABOUT the meetings, which is beyond comprehension! 😀

    1. Hello, dear friend!!! So great to hear from you. It’s been a long time since I’ve been at that job. I’m writing and teaching now–full time! And often I work from home. My boss actually sent his whole crew slippers for Christmas–to celebrate working from home!! I love hearing from you. Someday we need to share tea and Skype.

      1. Wow Amy that sounds SUCH a good change for you, well done! You sound like you have a great boss for sure, hehe! What are you teaching…..and who do you teach? Kids or adults? OMG tea and Skype, hell yes! 😀 I’m recently just back on WP after a few months break. I missed the blogging and creative stuff – there’s only so much hospital admin practice a girl can do *rolls eyes*, and college finishes in June, so not long to go now before I throw myself back into the working world!

      2. Right! Me too, as far as the being away thing. Very busy. How do we Skype? Are you on Twitter? I’ll add you and we can PM.

  2. These notes show that you were a horrible manager. It is a good assumption to know that you’re no longer in meetings. Was this when you were in high school 50 years ago?

    You must be very alone right now crazy cat lady.

    Have fun behind the make-up counter.

    1. I’m publishing your comment because I want people to see you. It sounds like this hit a nerve. Not sure why, but you took this personally. Insulting a stranger in a public way so as to humiliate them is the definition of a troll. Additionally, I’m flattered you read other posts of mine.

      1. You have insulted the people that believed in you in a public way. I’m happy you are flattered.

  3. I remember meetings where they taught things like that. That was the sort of meeting that made people groan when they got the memo that they had to attend.

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