Cat Forum Interview with Chloe and Charlie

Hello dear Readers, Chloe and Charlie had the honor of an interview with Snoops and Commando, two very witty cats from Michigan. Take a look to get to know them better. They’ll be featured in the continuing series, Kiss The Kitties. Also, read Snoops and Commandos’ blog. It’s edited by mice. Can you imagine?

Adventures in Cheeseland

Today we are here with Chloe and Charlie from Insights from the Edge  (We are not sure what it is the edge of; it must be a human thing.) It is written by their mom Amy. She does not write about cats, but it’s pretty interesting anyway. Apparently she writes for a living, so that’s probably why it’s pretty good. It would be better if she wrote about cats.

Tell us a little bit about each of you.
Chloe: My lady told me other humans found me under a dumpster at three weeks old. I was the only girl. I had many brothers. One was blind. He was a good guy. The rest were annoying. I met my lady when I was eight weeks old. She ignored me, so I liked her. All the other humans who came were so annoying. They picked me up and tried to…

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5 thoughts on “Cat Forum Interview with Chloe and Charlie

  1. Oh I did enjoy reading that! SO funny! I have passed it on to my daughter who is totally a cat person. I like cats too, but since I have a dog, I can’t say that out loud, haha!

    1. Ha! I love the dogs. Was it funny? I wrote that after being sick and deep in the throes of writer’s block. I thought I was writing crap, but I heard my husband’s voice in my head,”Just write,” he says to me. “Get it out there. Don’t think about it. Then write the next thing.” The point is to be a part of the community. That’s my goal.

      1. Well I agree with your husband totally! Get it out onto the page. Because then its there, its real…not just a fleeting thought. And this amused me lots – its great imagining thoughts and words from a pets point of view. 🙂

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