Fiction Friday-Kiss The Kitties Resumes In a Week

IMG_0174I’ve started a story called Kiss The Kitties. Each entry will go up on Friday and will be about 1000 words. If readers tell me they want more, I will definitely comply. I just find that 1000 is about as much as anyone, including myself, has time to commit to at any given moment of the day.

These last two weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement and sadness. Last week our opera, The Place Where You Started, premiered in Portland on November 12th. The first night of dress rehearsal was November 8th. My husband and I barely stayed focused. We barely slept and by the next morning found the ground beneath us gone. It felt as if we floated into unchartered and terrifying territory holding on only to each other.

Protests vibrated in the streets and strained the already taught space between my family and I, half of whom voted for the other party.  I can only imagine what the election results will do to families across this nation as they gather for Thanksgiving. Maybe people should lay off the libations a bit. Spirits already run high. But then, how does one manage that kind of strain for an entire day sober?

Anyway, last week was intense. I’m sick now. I haven’t been able to get myself to the keyboard. Additionally, and sadly, I must drag myself to a day job that frustrates and drains me.

Next week, thankfully, I’ll resume my writing. Thanksgiving Day I’ll be at home, in Southern California, with my husband and my two glorious, magical, majestic cats. We will cook a turkey, the cats will allow us the scraps, and all will be well on that little day. Chloe will hold court on the state of the nation. Fortunately, William won’t be here to argue.

Kiss the Kitties will resume next week. I have lots in store for Chloe, Charlie, and William. You’ll also meet Helen the Siamese, Jack the Mancoon, and Akihla the Abyssinian. There are many adventures ahead. I hope you stay tuned. Thank you for indulging me this break.

6 thoughts on “Fiction Friday-Kiss The Kitties Resumes In a Week

  1. Hey, Happy Thanksgiving! I know things are tough over there, and its sent our government into a bit of spin too, but I’m hoping things will calm down soon for us all over the world. 🙂 Also I really enjoyed your opera stories – well done you and hubby for working on that! That is amazing – and I didn’t say so at the time because I really wanted to say something more constructive and supportive about it, but sadly I know absolutely nothing about opera. But I knew a “like” just wasn’t enough. I also read “Jack the Mancoon” as Jack the Unicorn…..! Forgive me, its Friday evening and I have wine. 😀

    1. LOL. Wine is good on a Friday evening, especially in Scotland where I’m sure you’re settling in to keep the cold at bay. That’s a perfect time to catch up on your blogging. And the perfect way. Yes, here’s to hoping the global economy survives and perhaps can thrive. I’m all for it. (Raises glass and clinks.) Just knowing you want to be supportive is all that matters. Most I speak to just don’t get it anyway. I try not to share it out here. I just get blank stares. So! Here’s to art both great and small.

      1. Aww *raises glass and clinks* I really must get a bit more cultured. I wrote a play once for BBC Radio 4 when I was 16. It wasn’t accepted, sadly (I say sadly, but it was a weird story – along the lines of Room by Emma Donoghue, which now I think about it, means I was ahead of my time, haha!). And you share what you like – its your blog and I for one love the different stuff you come out with. When I initially read your first entry about the opera, I was all like “what? Amy wrote an OPERA??!!” I mean, its not the everyday subject you drop into conversation, is it? So yeah, you carry on. I need to do a blog post too….its been a few days – but that heralds a change in direction (again) for me.

      2. Hey thanks! I have my husband to thank for it. He’s the cultured one. He’s been writing operas and symphonies for nearly 25 years. This time he wanted something modern. It was a good partnership. I once wrote plays. But it ended, due to some choices that took me away from a good path. And it’s been a long time…Actually, as far as your work is concerned, you do seem a bit ahead of your time in general.

      3. That must be SO good to work with someone so close to you. Imagine bouncing all those ideas off each other whenever the muse strikes. My husband is very creative too, but he doesn’t do much about it these days, if at all. I think he got the confidence knocked out of him at school, plus he is the worlds biggest introvert who hates attention of any sort, so….yeah. And life, well….I empathise with that, for sure. But its nice to see that it hasn’t stalled your creativity! 😀

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