The Huddled Masses Shouldn’t Vote


Me on November 8th awaiting election results.


And so we are, as a nation, without principals. I grieve for what we could be, what we promised to be. But I shouldn’t be surprised, right? The Founding Fathers wrote equality into the constitution even as they raped, pillaged, and oppressed. Aren’t we then, both the ones who oppress and, the ones who free?


We’ve been waging war against one another since the beginning. Those in power protect themselves. The disempowered demand a fair shake. This, of course, has gone on since we stepped outside the cave. But, the Founding Fathers wrote the possibility for something more into the Constitution. They aspired to something no one had before–the evolution of thought. As the population grew, ideas changed, and amendments were written. The Fathers knew that they didn’t know what they didn’t know and thankfully, their humility allowed us to lurch forward.

Now we have a serious problem. The largest economic recession of our time created debt the likes of which people have not seen in their lifetimes. I cannot pay my student debt. I cannot even use my Master’s degree. My fault, perhaps, but not one that exists in a vacuum. Everyone needs support, a thriving economy not just for the well off and the wealthy. There must be opportunities at every level. Instead we have a glut of jobs available in technology and the sciences and none for those with little to no education. And that trend continues. As education grows more expensive, only the elites can afford to have a career.

And so we have the GOP and we have the Democrats, both propping up candidates that don’t represent the population. One an anarchist and dictator. One a conservative boomer, her understanding of the world, in many ways, stuck in the 20th Century. Economic evolution will not happen in the next four to eight years. We face the option of total mayhem, or stability and a little bit of growth. I believe in Hillary. I am, however, losing hope in our country.

The seething masses don’t think for themselves. They blame the media for liberal bias. They don’t trust anything the media covers. We can thank the Republicans for that.

The GOP has been winning the narrative for years. Decades. This idea that the media is biased, that they are Clinton shills is their story. They are the masters of the sound bites and political tag lines. It’s the media who gives them a platform, follows them around, begs them to weigh in, never challenges their hypocrisies and lies. Fighting makes for better television and no one fights dirtier than the Republicans. So, who is the media shilling for?

This week, just 11 days before the election the Guardian, a highly respected news source led with a headline stating, Newly discovered emails relating to Hillary Clinton case under review by FBI. 

What does that title suggest to you? That they’ve discovered new emails. That the investigation has been reopened. Neither are true. Incidentally, the Guardian has since removed this article.

They had jumped into the media feeding frenzy, then discovered, only after the fact, that the emails were not new. They were in the original investigation and that it had not been reopened. But the damage is done. The GOP won again. The voting masses will not read past that initial headline. Thanks media.

I’ve been wondering a lot if voting should be put in the hands of the huddled masses.

In California we vote our judges onto the bench. On it’s face, it may seem like an empowered and even liberal idea. Judges determine civil and criminal matters, set precedent, make laws.

They must remain impartial, communicate their work ethic, demonstrate their knowledge of the law and issues that face the community. Yet, how does one communicate impartiality if they’re appealing to voters? Voters want to be courted. They want their candidates to prove they care about the same issues. That is, if they care at all. Voters, in large part are uninformed. They don’t know and they don’t care to know.

This email thing with Hillary will be our undoing, not because it’s true, but because it feels true.

7 thoughts on “The Huddled Masses Shouldn’t Vote

  1. Its just gone 6am here and I laughed like an idiot at the kermit picture! But seriously, I do not envy your country right now. We get snatches of your news over here, and it seems that even our own media is taking sides – quite what that has to do with our own current shambles of political farce, I have no idea, but there it is. Our media scream things like “who would YOU vote for??!!” and suchlike. Frankly I would vote for whoever does the least damage, regardless of what the local community feels. I adopt that attitude over here because our politicians are just as bad – even this whole Brexit thing is a circus now, with folk resigning and changing their views. Anyway, best of luck on the 8th. I’ll be watching too, no doubt……!

    1. Thank you. Yes, I know its’s not too far off. Many have compared our state to Brexit. I think the UK and the US are very similar in many ways. It’s like we’re first cousins who have not really seen one another in a long time but strangely look alike.

      1. I agree. Wait…do i? Hmm, taking your analogy further, i would say that we are the gawky teenage cousin who aspires to be more like you because that appears to attract success, but secretly in our heart we prefer Europe who enjoys a slower, more contemplative way of life, although it doesn’t bring riches. 🙂 This (I think) is why Brexit is causing so much angst here…..we don’t want to be totally on our own with no hand to hold!

    1. OH God. I didn’t mean to promote the end of democracy…which is what this piece ultimately says…I was just so angry, you know? We have a low information voter who got elected by other low information voters…I don’t know how to fix that.

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