Perhaps Something New

imagesI take comfort in this quiet space. I live in a traffic clogged cacophony. It’s hard to think in this city, hard to find a space to breathe without fighting traffic to get there. We must get creative and clear the space ourselves. Here is mine and here I am free to find some movement and push this stagnant energy around.

Perhaps something can come of it.

Perhaps not, but I give up this world and all the striving. No, I only give it up for the moment, because there is wondrous discovery in striving. One never knows what she’ll find, a new path, a regeneration of the journey, or perhaps redemption itself.

Ah redemption, ah the end…and then something new, perhaps.

It’s very good to shake off this lethargy, the one that comes from sorrow and loss, which is to say forget it for today. It will be there tomorrow and the next. Be like the owl, the bat, the night creatures of the air, and forget it. Hunt, soar, kill, fly, consume. It is nature and therefore right.

2 thoughts on “Perhaps Something New

    1. I envy you your rides. In fact I am so jealous of all the amazing things in your life right now you’re very impressive. You really do squeeze every enjoyable moment out of living.

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